When you struggle with your weight...

...you try to lose those extra pounds but they keep coming back.
...you feel guilty whenever you eat your favorite foods.
...you fear you will gain weight if you stop watching what you eat.
... you hate what your body looks like and hate working out.

Are you ready to stop the struggle?

Eating made easy again.
No diets. No deprivation. No stress.

Discover fearless eating

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How To Eat is a program that teaches Competent Eating, a middle ground between dieting and eating out of control. Learn how to have regular meals with foods you love and never worry about your weight again!

Down with weight control!

Valiant Nutrition is all about Health at Every Size ®. We believe that health doesn't happen only at a certain weight. Wellness is about physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Eating is okay...

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Are you curious about intuitive eating? Did you struggle with an eating disorder and fear you might relapse? Want to know the dangers of dieting? Find out at our blog!

"When the joy goes out of eating, nutrition suffers" -- Ellyn Satter

    Valentina Olivadese


    Holistic nutritionist, public speaker, teacher, and food lover extraordinaire

Imagine being able to eat everything you like, as much as you want, every day

Not you. You have a problem with food, right?

You have to watch what you eat or you'll eat cookies and junk food all day! 

You must diet or your weight will spiral out of control and you'll become fat and sick!

It doesn't have to be so! 

Maybe you don't have a problem with what or how much you eat -- you just need to learn how to eat

Learn how to trust your body and your eating again

You can work with your body rather than against it.

You can let your weight be what it should be naturally, while feeding yourself reliably and joyfully.

You can stop food anxieties by trusting your body cues to tell you what and how much to eat.

You can find out how to move your body in ways that you enjoy and can keep up for the long term.

You can stop struggling with your weight and postponing your life until you lose those extra pounds.

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