A truer you for 2018: shut down the noise and find your own voice

There is a lot of noise when it comes to nutrition — especially in the month of January. The internet is abuzz with tips and tricks to lose the weight you gained over the holidays. Commercials everywhere blast about ways to get on a diet and stick to your new year resolution. And yet, not two places ever seem to give the same advice.

Eat more carbs!

Eat no carbs but work out daily!

Eat only fats and only practice yoga!

Eat no fat!

How on earth are you supposed to figure out what’s best for you in the middle of this racket?!?

Here’s how: shut down the noise and find your own voice!

What’s the racket?

I wish shutting down the noise were as easy as just turning off the TV and cancelling your internet subscription. Unfortunately, that’s not enough because a lot of this noise is already inside you.

You see, we all live in a society that is drenched in dieting mentality. I know, that sounds a lot like a conspiracy theory — and I am the first one who has a massive eye-roll when I hear a conspiracy theory. Yet, think about it: when was the first time you thought “I need to lose weight?” Thoughts about dieting and weight loss are now found in half kids as young as 8 but one thing is for sure: nobody is born with a desire to lose weight.

Sure, you might think, nobody is born wanting to lose weight because nobody wants to have this problem! Losing weight is hard work and takes discipline, right? Then how do we explain huge medical studies that show that no matter the hard work and discipline with diet and exercise most of the weight is regained back?

Sometimes the noise that gets through to us is just the loudest, not the most accurate. Shut it down and find your truth!

Change the channel

As I’ve said before, shutting down negative voices inside you is not just a matter of no longer listening as much as a matter of replacing those voices with new ones. Think of it as changing the channel on your TV.

If you no longer want to watch a program on TV, you can either shut off the TV or change the channel. You cannot shut down the voices of dieting mentality in your head but this year, you can decide to replace those messages with new ones, messages that reflect your kindest, most compassionate, most naturally you voice!

Making this change is not as easy as just pushing a button on a remote control, I’m sad to say. But the good news is that it’s not impossible — hey, I did it so you can as well! Here’s 3 simple steps to shut off the voices of dieting mentality in your head and replace them with new ones that are all about you, your happiness, and your best self — yes, just at the weight you are!

1. Turn down the volume

Dieting mentality talk in your head is loud but feels natural and normal to you because it’s been there a long time. Therefore, you cannot just shut it down and hope it will disappear. What you can do however is turn down the volume — a little bit at the time. How? Question its validity.

For every message you hear about dieting and weight loss, either from outside you or from within you, go out there and ask: is this true? You can start finding answers on our resource page or you can email me — I’d love to answer any questions you have that will help you turn down the volume of dieting mentality in your head 🙂

2. Look inside

As you start breaking down dieting mentality you might find yourself at a bit of a loss. If you don’t believe in the weight loss as the sole means for health, what is left for you to believe? The answer is everything!

You’re now at the perfect place to explore what works for you, what makes sense for you, what feels good for you. And the best place for you to find out is inside you.

3. Choose the new over and over

Dieting and its mentality suck but they are familiar and comfortable. Moving away from dieting believes will feel foreign, different, and uncomfortable. And that’s okay. You will stumble back to dieting mentality over and over but every time you do, you have a choice: stay in the old, or try again for the new.

Falling back onto dieting mentality is not a sign that intuitive eating is not right for you — it just means that you’re human. There is no timetable for you to give up dieting mentality forever, nor is there a limit to the amount of times you will fall back or wish to give up or doubt yourself. This is all part of the journey — but you don’t have to do it alone. I’m here for you and so is the wonderful Health at Every Size community 🙂

Have you started breaking down dieting mentality inside you and started looking for your own voice? Share your experience in the comments or email me at valentina@valiantnutrition.com

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

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