Do any of these apply to you?

  • You know what you should do to be “healthy” but feel you cannot do it anymore.
  • You feel out of control when it comes to food and eating, and this makes you feel ashamed and scared.
  • You feel bad if you eat and feel bad if you don’t.
  • You think about eating and how to avoid eating — a lot!
  • You feel like you’ve been on a diet for ages — getting on, falling off, trying again, over and over.
  • You watch your weight yo-yo up and down and don’t know how to stop it.
  • You cannot stand the thought of dieting again.
  • You cannot remember when was the last time you felt good about eating and food.
  • You wish you could be relaxed and calm when it comes to food and not worry so much.

All these applied to me at one point. And at one point I also did all this:

  • I picked up cookies from the trash can
  • I ordered Chinese food at 3 AM because I couldn’t stop thinking about sweet-and-sour pork
  • I offended my friends by vehemently refusing to eat when they invited me for lunch
  • I ate when I was sure nobody would see me — in the car, late at night
  • I exercised more than 2 hours a day, every day in order to burn calories
  • I ate pizza with no cheese.
  • I had dinner with just a can of tuna.
  • I ate everything in sight at parties, hiding somewhere so nobody would see me.

I remember how hard this can be and I’m sorry if this is what you’re going through right now 🙁

I was 15 when I began a cycle of dieting that brought me endless misery and unhappiness. After years spent eating in secret, feeling ashamed whenever I ate a cookie, and hating my reflection in the mirror, I realized that my war with food and with my body was never going to make me healthy or happy. If I wanted to end the fight, I had to be the one to bring peace.

Diets don’t work!

You have seen first-hand how painful and unsuccessful diets can be. You might think that this is all your fault, but it’s not. And I am not the only one that says it — medical research says so. Nutritionists and dietitians all over are saying it. Entire organizations are now devoted to spreading this message.

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of misinformation out there about nutrition and health. You might have heard that being healthy equals being skinny or super-athletic, watching what you eat by removing “inflammatory” foods, and always striving to lose weight. But in fact dieting, fearing foods, and labeling them as “bad” can be the very source of stress, anxieties and worries that is making you miserable!

At Valiant Nutrition, no foods are “bad”. My mission is to help you build a foundation of food peace and trust in your body, which will bring you more self-confidence, more happiness, and better health than any diet ever could!

There’s holistic nutrition and there’s Valiant Nutrition — holistic nutrition with a brave heart!

Valiant Nutrition combines the integration of body, mind, and spirit of holistic nutrition with the revolutionary Health at Every Size ® paradigm. My holistic nutrition counseling and coaching program is designed for men and women who struggle with their weight, feel guilty about eating their favorite foods, and hate looking at their bodies and working out.

Learn how to make peace with food, trust your body, and find happiness without dieting, watching what you eat, or feeling out of control ever again!

About Valentina

Valiant Nutrition was founded by Valentina — that’s me, hello 🙂

I hold a Master’s of Science Degree in Holistic Nutrition and attended grad school at the American College of Healthcare Science. I am a certified Eating Competence specialist and was trained by the creator of the ecSatter model, the amazing Ellyn Satter.

Random Facts about Valentina

  • I was born in Italy and moved to the States when I was 23. My parents and my older brother still live there. My younger brother and I live in Connecticut.
  • I’m the middle child and my parents’ favorite (and only 😉 ) daughter.
  • My favorite cartoon growing up was Sailor Moon.
  • I love lasagna, and running, and swimming, and napping — though not at the same time 😉
  • I am a failed marathoner: I qualified and paid for the NYC Marathon but didn’t show up on race day.
  • I love classical music and ballet and my favorite rock band is Muse — I’ve seen them live in concert 15 times.
  • I am a textbook introvert — my Myers-Briggs personality is INFJ.

Reach out!

I am still pretty new at this — being a nutritionist, blogging about it, coaching clients — but if you find any of this interesting, reach out. Email me at or use the form on the contact page or call me at (203) 539-1135. We can talk about your struggles or concerns with food and eating and we’ll figure out together if Valiant Nutrition can help you.


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