Resolving the Weight Dilemma…

Eating well is one of life's greatest pleasures. However, for many people, eating is anything but a pleasure.

More and more people of all ages are distressed about eating, locked in a struggle to change their bodies, and limited in the time and energy they have to devote to other activities.

Are you one of those people? Do any or all of these apply to you?

  • You know what you should do to be “healthy” but feel you cannot do it anymore.
  • You feel out of control when it comes to food and eating, and this makes you feel ashamed and scared.
  • You feel bad if you eat and feel bad if you don’t.
  • You think about eating and how to avoid eating — a lot!
  • You feel like you’ve been on a diet for ages — getting on, falling off, trying again, over and over.
  • You watch your weight yo-yo up and down and don’t know how to stop it.
  • You cannot stand the thought of dieting again.
  • You cannot remember when was the last time you felt good about eating and food.
  • You wish you could be relaxed and calm when it comes to food and not worry so much.

The How To Eat program might be right for you!

Designed by Ellyn Satter, MS, RD, MSSW, How To Eat is a short term program for men and women for whom eating and weight is a major issue in life. In just 12 sessions you will learn competent eating – a rewarding, self-confident, and orderly middle ground between dieting and throwing away all controls with eating.

At the end of the How To Eat program all of these will apply to you:

  • You will know​ what "healthy" means for you and will naturally be healthy every day, without efforts
  • You will feel in charge when it comes to food and eating, and this will make you feel confident.
  • You will eat meals and snacks every day that include your favorite foods.
  • You will only think about food and eating when it's time to eat or planning for eating.
  • You will never go on a diet ever again. You won't want to. You'll know you don't need to.
  • Your weight will remain stable and change appropriately for your age.
  • You will have plenty of energy, self-trust, and peace to face life at its best and at its worst
  • You will feel good about eating and food every day.
  • You will not worry about food and will plan your meals and snacks effortlessly.

No more conflict and anxiety about eating!

FAQ About the How to Eat Program

Is How to Eat right for me?

Very likely, yes. It doesn't matter what age, size, weight, or health problems you have -- How to Eat is right for everyone who suffer because of their eating. How to Eat can help you if you are doing well in your life and want to mend your relationship with food and eating. It can also help you if you are suffering from the distorted eating attitudes and behaviors that come from years of dieting and if you have symptoms of disordered eating, emotional eating, and episodes of binge eating.

Can I take this program if I have an eating disorder?

Unfortunately, no 🙁 Eating disorders require both eating management to help you with your eating, and psychotherapy to help you gain comfort with yourself and learn to live your life more wisely and well. If you think you have an eating disorder please contact the National Eating Disorder Association. If you're recovering from an eating disorder and want to try the How to Eat program, ask your doctors and/or your therapists about it and they will help you see if this is right for you.

How will the sessions happen, i.e. in person, on the phone, or online?

All the sessions, including the Introductory and Closing Sessions, are conducted online over Skype or Zoom. The no cost Discovery Session is also conducted online or over the phone. Sessions are best when they happen over video conference, as this will give us the chance to see each other and practice eating exercises together -- and those are lots of fun!

How long is this program?

The program is available in two formats: How To Eat and How To Eat for Confident Eating.

With biweekly sessions, the How To Eat program takes approximately 6 months, the How To Eat for Confident Eating program takes about 3 months.

Book a no cost 30 minutes Discovery Session below and together we will figure out which version is right for you.

Is this an Intuitive Eating program?

While How To Eat incorporates some aspects of intuitive eating, it goes one step further. Intuitive eating is a fabulous way to disconnect from dieting mentality and start eating everything you want based on hunger, appetite, and fullness. However, intuitive eating teaches "on-demand eating" or eating whenever hunger strikes while carrying around any food you might want. This might be a problematic way of eating, especially when you have a family or cannot eat at any time.

How To Eat teaches you how to eat anything you want based on hunger, appetite, and fullness during structured meals and snacks. Knowing that you are going to be fed and that food is coming will help you relax, lessen your emotional eating, and will save you money and time. This is a feature that is unique of the How To Eat program

Will my health insurance pay for this program?

This program is not designed to treat, cure, or diagnose diseases and as such is not covered by health insurance.

Can I try this program for free?

Absolutely. Just click below to schedule your complimentary 30 minutes Discovery Session. Together we will find if How to Eat is right for you, and if it is, which version works best. During the evaluation together we will look at:

  • Your eating and dieting history.
  • Your early learning about eating and your body.
  • How effective you are at taking care of yourself with food and activity.
  • What past and present forces disrupt(ed) your eating attitudes and behaviors.
  • Your weight patterns as a child and as an adult.
  • Explanations for your weight patterns–genetics, outside forces, dieting and regaining.
  • The extent to which you use struggles with eating and weight to help you solve–or distract yourself from–other life issues.

What happens exactly after the Discovery Session?

I'm so glad you asked -- I also don't like getting a program without knowing what's going to happen!

If you don't like the program or what it can do for you, I'll wish you all the best and I will delete all data about you -- your privacy is super important for me!

If you like the Discovery Session, afterward I will send you a link to purchase the How To Eat program of your choice. After the purchase you will have access to our interactive calendar. From there you will be able to book the Introduction Session. After the Introduction Session you will use the calendar to book your sessions every other week -- no awkward phone calls and complicated systems, just pick a date and time and you're good to go.

Can I book a single session at the time instead of the whole program? 

Yes, you can. Single one-hour sessions are $100/hour. To book a single session, click below to book a free Discovery Session to start, email me at or you can call or text me at (203) 539-1135.

Can I pay for the program in installments or on a plan? 

Yes, installments payments and plans are also available at almost no extra cost.

You can pay for the How to Eat program in 2 installments of $500 each or 4 installments of $250 each.

You can pay for the How to Eat for Confident Eating program in 2 installments of $250 each or 4 installments of $125 each.

This program is too expensive! Can I learn how to eat on my own? 

Of course you can. Learning how to eat is a process of recovery, discovering the wisdom that is already within you. If you want to do this on your own you can find free information on the Freebies page and on the Resources page. I offer the How to Eat program for those who want to have a guide along their journey. Think of me as your personal Yoda from Star Wars or Gandalf from Lord of the Rings -- I know, I just showed my super-geeky side xD I trust that you know what's best for you and how to best do this 🙂

If you feel the program is right for you but have hardships that make it impossible to afford it at the full price, we can negotiate a sliding scale or discounted price. Just email me at or call/text me at (203) 539-1135 and we can figure something out.

How you eat is as important as What you eat

Here's everything included in the How To Eat programs

How To Eat for Confident Eating

Learn how to enjoy all foods and make regular meals a priority

5 x 60 minutes Sessions

  • 1 x 60 minutes Introduction Session
  • 1 x 30 minutes Closing Session
  • Online program -- learn How To Eat from the comfort of your home
  • Unlimited Email and Phone Support 
  • ​Schedule your biweekly session on our interactive calendar

$495 All Included

No credit card required.

How To Eat

From chronic dieting to competent eating in just 10 sessions!

10 x 60 minutes Sessions

  • 1 x 60 minutes Introduction Session
  • 1 x 30 minutes Closing Session
  • Online program -- become a competent eater from the comfort of your home
  • Unlimited Email and Phone Support
  • Schedule your biweekly session on our interactive calendar

$995 All Included

No credit card required.

Still not sure? Let's talk! 

Deciding to give up dieting and learning How To Eat is a big step.

What if this is not the right program for you? Well, perhaps it isn't but you won't know until you try.

Try How To Eat at No Cost

No Obligations

No Credit Card Needed​