Welcome to the Resources section of Valiant Nutrition. In this page you will find a collection of books, videos, and websites that helped me on my journey from anxious and disordered eating to becoming a happy and competent eater.

There are no affiliate link on this page. If you click on the link you will be taken to the author's website or the Amazon page but I will not get any profit from it.

Why haven't I set up an affiliates page? Because my suggestion of these resources comes from the gratitude I have for these authors. Their words gave me hope at a time when eating was for me a source of pain and anxiety instead of being a reason to have fun​ and connect with myself and others. Their words changed me. Their words made me feel I was not alone.

Therefore I want the authors to receive full credit and benefit fully for their work.​ And I hope their words will be as important and impactful to you as they were to me.

Wonderful Books

The Fat Girl's Guide to Life

This was the first book I picked up about what's wrong with diets and non-dieting approaches. The title is totally tongue-in-cheek and so is the author. In the book, she encourages women to not just be fat but Fat -- capital F -- and to bold, love their bodies, and find their way of being healthy that has nothing to do with their body's size.

Wendy very candidly shares the story of her body and how she spent years trying to lose weight and being obsessed with it. She also describes her experience at the Duke weight loss inpatient program and how it helped her decide to find ways to be healthy, bold, and happy in her body, just as it is.

This is a fun book to read that opens up a world of possibilities outside of mainstream weight loss programs while also making you laugh.

I remember stumbling onto this book one lazy Saturday afternoon while I was strolling at my local Barnes & Noble. I picked it up and found myself devouring the first 80 pages right there in the store, barely aware that I had been standing up reading for over an hour.

I have never been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa but I recognized so much of myself in Portia DeRossi's struggles. Her descriptions of her obsessing about food, her punishing working out regimes, the hours spent worrying about her body resonated with me in ways I couldn't even describe.

The ending of the book is still one of my all-time favorites. It fills me with hope and I re-read it often. This book shows that even the most glamorous appearance might just be a cover of hidden pain and anxiety.

Asking me about Ellyn Satter is dangerous: if I start talking about her, I might never stop praising her. Ellyn Satter is, in my opinion, one of the best among nutritionists, dietitians, and family therapists to have ever lived. I know, it might sound over the top. But I was lucky enough to meet her and be trained by her personally so I stand by my opinion.

Her book is a distillation of her 30 years of work as a dietitian and family therapist. It's chock-full of common sense, practical, intelligent, and, at the same time, groundbreaking information.

After trying to work with patients like a regular dietitian she realized that telling people what and how much to eat didn't work. Her patients were not happier or healthier and she felt she was not helping. So she created the only evidence-based model to help people learn how to eat and truly improve their health. Her book also teaches technique to plan, shop, and cook for meals.

This book is the most comprehensive guide about all things related to Health at Every Size. Linda Bacon, PhD has collected hundreds of studies that show that diets do not work and actually cause damage and we need to change our approach to focus on health rather than weight.

The book also explains how to start implementing the Health at Every Size principles to every day life, as well as providing a no bullshit look at the politics behind the dieting industry.

Fantastic Podcasts

Hosted by award-winning Registered Dietitian and food behavior expert Julie Duffy Dillon, this podcast is the form of a love letter that listeners send to food. Julie also has guests on the shows to help the listeners with their food struggles. Food always replies back to the listener with another letter at the end of the show.

I love this podcast. Julie is compassionate, understanding, and seems incredibly sweet. Her guests are experts in eating disorders and Health at Every Size. And I love that each episode is a love letter to food and opens up a much-needed dialogue with too-often-mistreated food.

This show had me at "hello!" Meret Boxler hosts this podcast from Switzerland, where she talks about diet culture, femininity, self-worth, and resilience. 

Meret has amazing guests on her podcast and never shies away from talking about how the madness of dieting and over-exercise has directly impacted her life. Listening to her podcast is like traveling deep within Health at Every Size culture and it feels wonderful! 

Facebook Groups

This is a list of amazing Facebook groups about Health at Every Size, Intuitive Eating, and Positive Body Image. All these groups are closed so you will need to request access. However, these groups all have amazing admins who monitor the discussions to make sure it's supportive, open-minded, and free of attacks. Click on the names in this list to visit the groups on Facebook and request to join.